Product Review: Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment For All Hair Types

28 Feb

Usually I tell curly girls to run away from any product that says “For All Hair Types” but Moroccan Oil is different. Moroccan Oil is packed with moisture – and Argan Oil! Argan Oil is a potent, rich an moisturizing oil that  comes from the kernels of argan trees that are only found in Morocco – hence the name “Moroccan Oil”.  This product does wonders for my hair – but i must warn you- that if you want spirally  frizz- free curls you cannot depend on this alone. Moroccan Oil Treatment is…well a treatment and not a styling product, it helps keep your hair moisturized and helps reduce frizz but it not to be mistaken for a styling product that helps your curls look beautiful for a short period of time. I use Moroccan Oil as a pre-treatment after I come out of the shower, after this has been combed through my hair I continue with my post-shower hair routine. I find myself dependent on this product for is moisturizing capabilities and when I run out of this product my hair always seems to show it. I also must note that this product packs a pretty hefty price tag, at many salons and beauty supply stores across the globe, it sells from around 30$ -40$.

I give this product: 4 stars


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