Product Review: Curls Whipped Cream – Heavy Curl Cream

3 Mar

Curls Whipped Cream is a heavy styling cream. As mentioned in my post-shower routine post, styling creams are the last step. They add a finishing touch to make sure your curls are perfect.

Curls Whipped cream is very thick in texture, so I would take note not to put too much of it as it can weigh your curls down – and not in a good way. Too much can make your hair look heavy and dull which is not what we want, we want curlsthat are bouncy and shiny and frizz free.

Another thing about this product is the smell. For me, the smell of a product can make it or break it. Even if a product is amazing, would you still use it if you can’t stand the smell? Well… it depends on how “amazing” this product is but in general terms this is the reason why companies tend to choose basic, generic scents for their products, Curls is not one of those companies. Curls Whipped Cream has an intense sugar smell. The scent of this product is nauseating and fills you with that same feeling that you feel after you’ve eaten a few too many cupcakes. However, I realized that after you put it in your hair and mix it in with other products, by the morning, that strong over bearing sugar smell has faded into a sweet vanilla-y flavor that wafts through the air as you walk by. I’m always getting complements on how yummy and sweet my hair smells 🙂

And now for the most important part of this review… does it do any good for my hair besides making it smell delicious? Well… I have an answer to that. And the answer is yes! It keeps frizz at bay and trims down volume by taking those little frizzies and turning them into curls that you didn’t know existed. It also keeps curls together and prevents them from separating and making more frizz and volume. And, If you can stand its raw smell, you can use it on your dry hair to smooth down flyaways.

I Give this product: 3 stars


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