All About : Conditioner

5 Mar

Personally I think that you can never go wrong with conditioner. You can tell a good conditioner from the moment you put it in your hair, give your conditioner a test one day by stepping into your shower with a head of matted hair and after you’ve wet it, run a pea sized amount of conditioner through your hair, If your knots start to detangle and you feel your hair getting smoother then you know your conditioner is good.

In the curl world, co – washing seems to become more and more popular.Co-washing (a.k.a conditioner washing) the replacement of shampoo by conditioner. Many say that this has helped them lock moisture into their hair (I will do another post on my in shower routine), while others say that co-washing weighed their curls down and made them look dull. You need to find the medium that works for you when it comes to co-washing and find a healthy balance.



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