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All About : Treatments and Masks

11 Mar

Every once in a while, your hair needs a treat. Kinda like your conditioner but jam packed with nutritious healthy oils and extracts that whip your hair into shape.

Hair treatments are an easy way to put moisture back into your hair. If you’re wondering what the difference is between a regular conditioner and a deep conditioner here is is:

  • Deep conditioners are usually  more rich in texture
  • Deep conditioners work best with heat. Why? Well because just like your skin, your hair has pores, when heat or humidity come into contact with your hair, these pores open up and let moisture in ( that’s why your hair gets so big when your in a humid climate).
  • Regular conditioners don’t have as many nutrients and moisturizing elements as deep conditioners because regular conditioners are meant for daily use and it is possible to over moisturize your hair.

Try deep conditioning your curls once a week and you’ll see the difference it makes.


All About : Conditioner

5 Mar

Personally I think that you can never go wrong with conditioner. You can tell a good conditioner from the moment you put it in your hair, give your conditioner a test one day by stepping into your shower with a head of matted hair and after you’ve wet it, run a pea sized amount of conditioner through your hair, If your knots start to detangle and you feel your hair getting smoother then you know your conditioner is good.

In the curl world, co – washing seems to become more and more popular.Co-washing (a.k.a conditioner washing) the replacement of shampoo by conditioner. Many say that this has helped them lock moisture into their hair (I will do another post on my in shower routine), while others say that co-washing weighed their curls down and made them look dull. You need to find the medium that works for you when it comes to co-washing and find a healthy balance.


All About : Shampoo

5 Mar

Shampoo is a products that – believe it or not – is indispensable. If you seek healthy hair, it’s basically impossible to achieve sans shampoo. Yes yes I know that many people will argue that shampoo does nothing for the hair except strip it of its natural oils. That’s why curly girls must choose their shampoo with extra care and they need to remember they cannot shampoo their hair everyday.

Shampoo helps restore your hairs’ natural pH levels but curly hair is dry and the oil your scalp produces doesn’t travel down the hair shaft like it does with straight hair (which is why you don’t hear many curly curls complaining about greasy second day hair), because of this, curly hair needs more time in between washes to recuperate and actually let those hair oils do their job.

Sulfates are harsh detergents found in shampoos, face wash  and pretty much anything that suds. You know that feeling that your hair has after you’ve soaped it up? That feeling where your hair actually squeaks? Some people may associate that feeling with cleanliness but for a curly girl, that’s the worst thing you can do to your hair, that squeakiness happens when the detergents in your shampoo have sucked out all of the natural oils in your hair.

So you see, shampoo is that type of product that you can’t live without but can also cause major hair disasters if overused.