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Embracing Your Curls.

5 Mar

Nowadays, we’re surrounded by “perfect hair”. Every curly hair makeover begins with a flat iron. The new trend is going to blowout bars to get that perfect blowout. You would be shocked to know how many celebrities have curls just like us and we never know because their curls are being concealed by blowouts.

Curly hair is a pain to take care of. And yes, sometime we want to be able to run a brush through out dry hair from root to tip without a halo of frizz and deconstructed curls. They make curls look so versatile, clean and frizz free but in the real world,curls don’t look so perfect.

Many people were confused as to why I always straightened my hair, and then pulled out my Conair Infinity to make those perfect waves that you see on tv. They’d say “why would you straighten your hair…just to curl it again. You might as well just leave it curly”. But many other curly girls like me can relate i’m sure. The curls that I was creating with my Conair Infinity weren’t real curls, they could be brushed through prom root to tip with a boar bristle brush yet not a hair or curl out of place – try to do that on your natural curls and you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. But after having those “tv waves” for two months straight, I went to my local beauty supply store,picked up some new products to try and every day, I feel as through I’m getting closer to realizing that I can do more that one look with my curls and that there is a way to get my natural curls to be frizz-free without the heat.



3 Mar

I’ve just realized now that I have yet to give you guys a formal introduction to my blog. Well here it is. My name is Kiara and i’m “the curl girl”. I have 3b curly hair and  I’m proud – I think you should be proud of your curls too! Having curls is nothing to be ashamed of and I think the lack of information available for girls with curly hair makes us feel as though we should be. But now is the time for that to end. This blog is for all of those curly girls who have not a clue what to do with their curly hair. Also, If you have any questions,feel free to email me at and I will answer them in a post.