Product Review: Curls Whipped Cream – Heavy Curl Cream

3 Mar

Curls Whipped Cream is a heavy styling cream. As mentioned in my post-shower routine post, styling creams are the last step. They add a finishing touch to make sure your curls are perfect.

Curls Whipped cream is very thick in texture, so I would take note not to put too much of it as it can weigh your curls down – and not in a good way. Too much can make your hair look heavy and dull which is not what we want, we want curlsthat are bouncy and shiny and frizz free.

Another thing about this product is the smell. For me, the smell of a product can make it or break it. Even if a product is amazing, would you still use it if you can’t stand the smell? Well… it depends on how “amazing” this product is but in general terms this is the reason why companies tend to choose basic, generic scents for their products, Curls is not one of those companies. Curls Whipped Cream has an intense sugar smell. The scent of this product is nauseating and fills you with that same feeling that you feel after you’ve eaten a few too many cupcakes. However, I realized that after you put it in your hair and mix it in with other products, by the morning, that strong over bearing sugar smell has faded into a sweet vanilla-y flavor that wafts through the air as you walk by. I’m always getting complements on how yummy and sweet my hair smells 🙂

And now for the most important part of this review… does it do any good for my hair besides making it smell delicious? Well… I have an answer to that. And the answer is yes! It keeps frizz at bay and trims down volume by taking those little frizzies and turning them into curls that you didn’t know existed. It also keeps curls together and prevents them from separating and making more frizz and volume. And, If you can stand its raw smell, you can use it on your dry hair to smooth down flyaways.

I Give this product: 3 stars


Making a Post-Shower Routine

29 Feb

After I hop out of the shower, the first thing I do it take care of my hair. Most curly girls know that their hair is easiest to style when its damp. Applying your products at night or in the evening gives your hair enough healing time to let the products soak in and to let your curls form for the next day, that way you won’t go to school – or work, with a wet head. Many people have told me that they like their curly hair best when it’s wet and to be honest – so do I, There’s something about the way the curls stretch and spiral when they’re wet and appear to be frizz-free. But, if you take proper precaution and use the right products in the P.M , you’ll wake up with nicer curls in the A.M.

1. If you prefer to get dressed before tending to your hair, then put it in a bun – without taking out the excess water. It will keep the moisture in your hair and give you more time before your hair starts to frizz.

2. DO NOT PUT A TOWEL TO YOUR HEAD! I put that in bold because it makes the biggest difference between waking up with beautiful structured curls or waking up with a head of frizz. Instead, fold your towel , place it somewhere clean and squeeze out the excess water with your hands.

3. Start with a moisturizing product. This step is one of the most important steps. I sometimes forget to put my moisturizing product ( Moroccan Oil) and even if I’ve done everything else right, my hair still doesn’t forgive me.

4. Use a leave -in conditioner. I use Kinky Curly Knot Today and ever since I started using it, it has changed my curls! Leave – in conditioner helps turn that pesky frizz that usually just sits there into curls. This is another one that I cannot forget.

5. You can stop at #4 but if you want to go the extra mile, try a styling cream. I’ve tried many styling creams before and I’ve only found two that made the cut. The first is Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream and the second is Curls Whipped Cream. What these do is act as a triple shield against frizz and they are very rich in texture. You may want to shop around until you find your perfect styling cream.

6. After you’ve put these products in and combed them through , divide your hair into 6 sections and braid them – not too tight though.

7. This one is not really a post -shower tip but more of a what-to-do-in-the-morning tip. When you wake up your hair should be damp, or at least in some areas, take out the braids and if need be, take a pump of styling cream and smooth it over the top of your head to tame flyaways and smooth down any hairs that lifted while you were sleeping.

Hope you find those tips useful 🙂

Product Review: Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment For All Hair Types

28 Feb

Usually I tell curly girls to run away from any product that says “For All Hair Types” but Moroccan Oil is different. Moroccan Oil is packed with moisture – and Argan Oil! Argan Oil is a potent, rich an moisturizing oil that  comes from the kernels of argan trees that are only found in Morocco – hence the name “Moroccan Oil”.  This product does wonders for my hair – but i must warn you- that if you want spirally  frizz- free curls you cannot depend on this alone. Moroccan Oil Treatment is…well a treatment and not a styling product, it helps keep your hair moisturized and helps reduce frizz but it not to be mistaken for a styling product that helps your curls look beautiful for a short period of time. I use Moroccan Oil as a pre-treatment after I come out of the shower, after this has been combed through my hair I continue with my post-shower hair routine. I find myself dependent on this product for is moisturizing capabilities and when I run out of this product my hair always seems to show it. I also must note that this product packs a pretty hefty price tag, at many salons and beauty supply stores across the globe, it sells from around 30$ -40$.

I give this product: 4 stars